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Balloons for All Occasions

 We don't just sell balloons,

       we create balloon arrangements AND deliver right to your doorstep or event venue!  

*Due to the current helium shortage, our availability for what can be taken care of fluctuates - please be sure to call 973.364.8038 to check on availability for any upcoming events.

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Here at Caldwell Event Outfitters, we offer a wide variety of latex and mylar balloons that can be kept loose or arranged into balloon bouquets.  Before pricing, here are some tips:

Arrangement tips and standard options:

At CEO, we not only sell balloons, but we arrange them into bouquets for you.  The best all-latex arrangement options stem directly from the number of colors a customer is looking to involve in the bouquet - if it's only two colors, best to stick to multiples of 2, if it's three colors, best to multiples of three, etc.  From there, standard table top bouquets consist of 3-8 11" latex balloons and standard floor bouquets consist of 9-12 11" latex balloons.  If you are integrating a foil balloon at the top of the bouquet, standard table top bouquets then consist of 2-6 11" latex plus the foil topper and standard floor bouquets consist of 6-9 11"latex plus the foil topper.

DoubleBalloons.jpg Double-latex balloons anchored with tulle!

Columns and Arches:

5' balloon columns have the option of standing alone or having a latex or foil balloon topper (topper balloon is merely the cost of whichever balloon you choose added to the cost of the column itself).  As for arches,  our fish-line helium balloon arches are a classic and more inexpensive alternative to a spiral arch.  They typically run in the $90.00-$150.00 range depending on the size and nature of the order and they are a more simplistic design which comes in very handy in indoor locations with lower ceilings. 


And remember: WE DELIVER!  All of our pre-arranged bouquets, columns, and arches have the option of delivery (delivery fee depends on location of delivery and nature of the order).  We also can take care of arches on-site if the size of the arch does not lend itself to safe delivery within our box trucks to avoid any pop-age in the process. 

The pricing for our balloons are as follows:

11" Standard/Pearl Latex Balloons     $1.75 each

Available colors: light pink, pearl pink, rose pink, yellow, orange, pearl peach, blush, red, light blue, robin's egg blue, pearl blue, dark blue, lime green, pearl mint green, dark green, lavender, pearl lavender, dark purple, pearl burgundy, teal, metallic silver, metallic gold, white, pearl white, pearl ivory, clear, black, chocolate brown

Specialty Latex: $1.80 each - animal print, filigree, polka dot, tropical polka dot, dove & cross


16" Latex Balloons     $2.75 each ; 3' Latex Balloons     $15.00 each

18" Mylar (Foil) Balloons     $4.25 each

 Custom Caldwell Chief & West Essex High School Mylar Balloons    $4.75 each

 chiefblownup.jpg   WEfoil.jpg


Megaloon Mylar Balloons (36"-48" in size)     $14.00 each

35Balloons.jpg Numbers 0-9 and Letters A-Z available in silver and gold.

22" Bubble Balloons     $8.00 each


Balloon Weights (for bouquets)     $1.60 each

5' Balloon Columns     $35.00 each (plus cost of topper balloon if requested)



Helium Fish-Line Arch     $150.00+ (additional fees applicable depending on nature of order)

*Balloon Bouquets: assembly charge of $1.00 per bouquet for orders of 5 bouquets or more.



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