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Having a hard time imagining just how large a 5' or 4' round is?  Feel free to stop into our show room and take a look at examples of our rental equipment.  We also stock plastic table covers as well as concession equipment supplies such as cotton candy floss sugar and cones, popcorn tri-packs and red-and-white striped boxes, snow cone syrup and cups, hot/cold cups, and sterno. 

54"x108" Rectangle Plastic Table Covers  $2.00 each ; 82" Round Plastic Table Covers  $3.75 each

Colors Available:

Light Blue, Turquoise, True Blue (Caldwell Blue), Navy Blue

Light Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Orange, Lime Green, Hunter Green

Red, Burgundy, Brown, Black, White, Gold


Cotton Candy Floss Sugar Flavors: $13.00 per box

Pink Vanilla (traditional cotton candy flavor)

Blue Raspberry


Snow Cone Syrup Flavors: $13.00 per 32 oz. bottle


Blue Raspberry




Additional Pricing - 

8 oz. Popcorn Tri-Pack: $2.50 per 8 servings (1 package)

Red-and-White Striped Old-Fashioned Popcorn Box: $0.20 per box

Pack of 50 Cotton Candy Paper Cones: $4.50





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