Tent Questions

What size tents do you have available for rental?

We currently rent tents in four sizes:  20 feet by 40 feet, 20 feet by 30 feet, 20 feet by 20 feet, and 20 feet by 10 feet.

Not sure what size tent will fit in your yard? We include a free on-site inspection of your property to confirm that our tent will fit.  Simply give us a call at (973) 364-8038 and set up an appointment today!

What colors do your tents come in?

Our 20x30 and 20x20 tents come in two colors: solid white or yellow/white stripes. Our 20x40 and 20x10 tents come in solid white only.

How many people fit underneath your tents?

A 20x10 can seat 20-25 people, a 20x20 tent can comfortably seat 40-50 people, a 20x30 tent can seat 60-70 people, and a 20x40 can seat 80-90 people underneath it.  However, if you are having a more casual event (such as a buffet-style event) and aren't worried about having a full sit down meal, these tents can handle more people per tent than listed above.

How many tables can I fit underneath your tent?

This largely depends on how many (if any) serving tables you are planning to have underneath the tent and what size/type of table you plan to rent.  Typically, a 20x10 can handle 2-3 tables, a 20x20 can handle 4-5 tables, a 20x30 can handle 6-8 tables, and a 20x40 can handle 8-10 tables.


Company Offerings

Do you offer tables and chairs?

Yes, we are currently offering a selection of bone-colored chairs, round tables, and rectangular banquet tables.

How do we light our tent for an evening event?

We currently offer 5-Globe Chandelier Lights that are installed at the top/center of the tent frame that adequately light up our tents for any evening/nighttime events.  We also have string Christmas lights for purchase to add a festive touch to the perimeter of the tent.

Can we grill or have bonfires underneath your tent?

No, fires cannot be held underneath the tent.  While the tents are fire resistant in the case of an emergency, they cannot withstand constant heat from repeated bonfires over a long period of time.  This can melt or tarnish the inside of the tent canopy.  However, we do offer a selection of propane heaters that can be used safely underneath our tents for added warmth.  Grilling, on the other hand, will not melt or create any structural damage to the canopy, but it will tarnish the underneath of the tent canopy.  For the purpose of keeping our tents stain-free and in the best condition possible, we must discourage the use of grills underneath them.

Can we run heaters underneath your tent?

Yes, you can run heaters underneath our tents, as long as no part of the heater is rubbing against/touching the tent (or tent sides if you opted to get side walls with your tent) in any way.  We also offer patio heaters for rent ($105 each including propane) that we can set up underneath your tent if you do not own a heater of your own.

Do you offer dance floors or DJ services?

We do not offer dance floors or DJ services. We refer our clients looking for a DJ to Mr. Joe Garamella. Visit his website, call him directly at 973-464-3615, or e-mail him at [email protected].

Do you sell paper products?

We carry plastic table covers that fit our rental tables as well as cotton candy/snow cone/popcorn supplies to sell with our concession rentals only.


Raising the Tent

How do I know if I can fit a tent in my backyard?

Caldwell Event Outfitters will come to your property, free of charge, to determine whether a tent can be set up on your property. Alternatively, you can measure the tent size of your choice, plus a ten feet clearance on all four sides, on your property to get an idea.

Do you service my area?

We service within fifteen miles of Caldwell, NJ, some of which may have a delivery charge. This includes, but is not limited to, Bloomfield, East Hanover, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Florham Park, Lincoln Park, Livingston, Milburn, Montclair, Montville, North Caldwell, Nutley, Parsippany, Roseland, South Orange, Towaco, Verona, Wayne, West Caldwell, West Orange.

Is there a service charge for my location?

Some locations will be charged for delivery depending on how far you are from our storefront location.

Can you accommodate a deck?

We can accommodate a deck in certain situations. Our tents are equipped with extenders that allow the tent to be pushed further into the air.  Our 20x10 is primarily used on top of decks due to its small size as well.

Can you set up a tent on uneven terrain?

Our tents have extenders that allow us to accommodate most terrain issues.

Can a tent be placed half on a deck, half on the grass?

Provided a deck is not significantly higher than the land around it, we can accommodate a half/half situation.

Can the tent be set up on a street/parking lot?

Yes, our tents can be set up on a street or parking lot.

Will my sprinkler system be a problem?

As long as you know where the underground pipes are, we can set up a tent on your lawn. This is because the tent needs to be staked to the ground at each corner to prevent movement. We are cannot be held accountable for hitting your irrigation system if you don't inform us of its location, so please be sure to know where your lines run so that we can avoid hitting them.

Do I have to be home when you set up or knock down the tent?

For set-up purposes, it depends: No, as long as the placement of the tent has been previously discussed and payment has been taken care of before hand.  If your payment is outstanding, we typically take care of payment at the time of services rendered, so you would then need to be present at the set-up of the tent.  You would also need to be present at the set-up if the placement of the tent has not been discussed - we would need the customer present to point the way.  For knock down, the customer does not need to be present as long as we have access to the tent.


Placing Your Order

How can I contact you?

You can call the Caldwell Event Outfitters phone line directly at (973)364-8038.  Alternatively, you can e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or orders you want to make.

How early should I call before an event?

The earlier you call before an event, the more likely you will be to secure your rentals for you. Some weekends, specifically the weekends before, on, or after college/high school graduations or Independence Day weekend, book out quickly. We strongly recommend that our customers call in your reservations as early as you can!

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