• Our tents are perfect for all occasions. From backyard barbecues to formal affairs, we've got you covered.

  • Our 10x20 tent is perfect for covering patios and other small spaces.

  • We can help you create a perfect outdoor space for your fundraiser, corporate event and more.

Party Tents

We offer a wide range of products and services to make your event a success.  


Party Tent Rental: 


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(20x20 White Tent at Montclair Art Museum Wine Tasting Event)

20x20 Yellow and White

20x20 White

Our 20x20 tents provide space for comfortable seating for 50 or fewer guests.  This is another great option if you don't have a lot of open space.  Price: Yellow and White: $295.00 | White: $350.00

Party Tip:  Using a mix of standing room with high-top cocktail tables and seating under a tent encourages guests to mingle, while still giving them the option to sit and relax.  



(Enjoying a big crowd family and friends under one of our 20x30 tents) 

20x30 Yellow and White

20x30 White

For larger gatherings or for more spacious seating our 20x30 tents hit the spot.  Fits approximately 60 seated guests.  Choose Yellow and White for a more festive look or just white for a more elegant feel.  Price: Yellow and White: $400.00 | White:  $450.00

Party Tip: Big crowds can make a big mess.  A party tent gives you a nice space (see our heating and siding options) outside so you can keep inside clean.  


20x40 White 

For those extra large gatherings our 20x40 tent will do the trick for approximately 80 guests.  Whether you are hosting a fundraiser or a neighborhood cookout this is your pick.  Price: $550.00



(A nice shady view from under our 20x10 tent)

20x10 White 

Our 20x10 all white tent provides great cover for your guests.  It is the perfect size for confined spaces like most decks, patios and pools decks.  Price: $295.00


Tent Sides | Lighting | Heating & Cooling

Finish off your tent rental with our side, heating and lighting options to give your event or party a final touch. 

Tent Sides:

Solid White -

7x20 Price: $15.00

7x30 Price: $20.00

White with Windows -

7x20 Price: $25.00

7x30 Price: $30.00


Pedestal Fans: $50.00 each



80,000 BTU Tent Heater (propane not included): $150.00

Patio Heater (One 20 lb. propane tank included): $105.00



Lighting Options: 

5 Globe Chandelier Price: $25.00 each


Party Tip:  Stop by the store and pick up some white holiday lights to string up on your tent to add to the atmosphere   

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